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Molluscs belong to the phylum Mollusca:

The Australian Freshwater Mollusc Lucid key:

A book reference:- "Australian Land Snails", Volume 1 and 2, by John Stanisic, the "Snail Whisperer".

4 species

Bothriembryon tasmanicus (Tasmanian Tapered Snail)

Bothriembryon tasmanicus
Bothriembryon tasmanicus
Bothriembryon tasmanicus

Caryodes dufresnii (Walnut Snail)

Caryodes dufresnii
Caryodes dufresnii
Caryodes dufresnii

Cornu aspersum (Common Garden Snail)

Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum
Cornu aspersum

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Molluscs (Mollusca)

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